Blade Sharpening Service for Melbourne’s outer east

Sharpening of all blades

Potato Peeler


Nail Scissors


Stationary Scissors


Kitchen Scissors


Fabric Rotary Cutter


Small Fabric Scissors


Pinking Scissors


Material Scissors


Large Shears (not grass)


Clipper Blades small


Clipper Blades large




Long garden/grass shears


Animal Shears - Bevel edge – All Types


Thinning Shears


Salon Shears


Hand sharpening of salon shears



No saws or chainsaws


Knife Sharpening

Knife sharpening available, price is based on the length of the knife blade (not the whole knife). $1 per 2.5cm.
To measure your knife:
Place the heel of your knife blade at the top of the ruler (be careful, even blunt knives can hurt).
Where the tip of the blade ends is your knife length.


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Australia wide postal service
24 hour turn around

Contact Meredith today: 0402 469 976

Fundraiser options available for your school or group


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