Hairdressing scissors sharpening and salon scissors sharpening service for Melbourne's outer east.

Professional hairdressing scissors sharpening and salon scissors sharpening in Mooroolbark, Melbourne's outer east.

My service includes sharpening on a diamond wheel, ride line worked on stone, honed, oiled and reassembled.

I offer same day service when you drop off/pick up your hairdressing scissors and a 24 hour turn around for postage service.

Trained in the USA.

If you have any questions about my hairdressing scissors sharpening service you can contact me via:
Ph: 0402 469 976


Thinning Shears sharpening (diamond polish)


Hairdressing Scissors sharpening (diamond polish)


Salon Scissors sharpening (diamond polish)


Hand sharpening of salon shears



Australia wide postal service
24 hour turn around

Contact Meredith today: 0402 469 976


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