Fabric Scissors sharpening service for Melbourne's outer east.

Dressmakers, quilters and sewers all need sharp tools. Scissors types include knife blade scissors, regular bevel edged scissors, applique scissors, (duck bill scissors) and pinking shears. All these scissors are sharpened in the American Twice as Sharp scissor sharpening machine.

The grinding wheel is 100 grit aluminium oxide and the honing wheel is 400 grit cotton impregnated with sine silicon carbide.

The scissor blade is sharpened on the grinding wheel until there is a burr from the pivot to the tip.

The clamp is then turned over and the scissor is honed on the 400 grit wheel. The scissor is removed from the clamp. The blades are held apart while closing the scissor. Then the blades are gently squeezed together while opening. This is done 3 times. Then the scissor is closed normally and the burr is cut off leaving a very sharp scissor.

All fabric scissors are tested on silk.

Pinking shears are tested on felt and cotton lawn.

If you are having difficulty with cutting a certain type of fabric please bring a sample with you for me to test the scissors with.

If you have any questions about my scissor sharpening or shears sharpening services you can contact me via:
Ph: 0402 469 976
Email: enquiries@asharpblade.com.au


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