Kitchen Knife sharpening service for Melbourne's outer east.

Don't struggle with blunt blades when preparing your meals. I provide kitchen knife sharpening for smooth and serrated blades.

All chips and nicks are removed during the sharpening process, leaving you with a very sharp knife.

My kitchen knife sharpening service isn't limited to just kitchen knives, it also includes fishing knives, and utility knives.

Trained in the USA.

If you have any questions about my kitchen knife sharpening service you can contact me via:
Ph: 0402 469 976


Kitchen Knife Sharpening

Kitchen knife sharpening price is based on the length of the knife blade (not the whole knife). $1 per 2.5cm.
To measure your knife:
Place the heel of your knife blade at the top of a ruler (be careful, even blunt knives can hurt).
Where the tip of the blade ends is your knife length.


Australia wide postal service
24 hour turn around

Contact Meredith today: 0402 469 976


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$30 Travel fee + sharpening
mobile service only
no drop ins